Members Allowances



I accordance with the above Regulations notice is hereby given that :-

a) On 10th February 2004 the Parish Remuneration Panel for Blaby District recommended that (i) in relation to subsistence and travel allowances Parish/Town Councils adopt the National Joint Council rates, (ii) a maximum Annual Parish Basic Allowance of £375 be paid to Members of Braunstone Town Council.

b) A copy of the Parish Remuneration Panels Report is available for inspection by members of the public, between 9 am and 12.30 pm Monday to Friday, at the Executive Officer & Town Clerks Office, Braunstone Civic Centre, Kingsway, Braunstone Town Leicester.

c) On 28th June 2007 Braunstone Town Council decided to make the following payments : (i) Subsistence and travel allowances to all Members in accordance with NJC rates (ii) a basic annul allowance of £375 to be paid to each Member (21 Town Councillors) . Note: A member may, by giving notice in writing to the Executive Officer & Town Clerk, elect to forgo his/her entitlement or any part of his/her entitlement to allowances.

d) In reaching it’s decision Braunstone Town Council has had regard to the recommendations of the Parish Remuneration Panel for Blaby District

e) In addition and in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 s.15(5) a separate Town Mayors Allowance will continue to be made to cover expenses of the office. (£750 in 2007/08).

Signed Ian Laughton (Executive Officer & Town Clerk)

12th July 2007

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