Avon Road, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 3AB

TENDERS ARE INVITED from suitably experienced contractors to carry out site improvement works and the construction of a new sports pavilion at Shakespeare Park, Avon Road, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 3AB from July/August 2018 (with expected completion in 2019):

  1. to undertake site preparations,
  2. erection of new sports pavilion,
  3. installation of services, fixtures and fittings for new pavilion,
  4. improvements and extension to existing car & cycle park and associated lighting
  5. provision of new petanque pitch,
  6. demolition of existing pavilion and stores,
  7. site clearance.

The specification, requirements, drawings and tender documents are below and available from HSSP Architects Ltd.

Valid tenders must include the completed Form of Tender and must be delivered enclosed in a plain, sealed envelope, endorsed “Tender – Shakespeare Park” and addressed to the Office of the Executive Officer & Town Clerk of Braunstone Town Council, c/o HSSP Architects Ltd, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB, no later than:

2pm on Wednesday 28th March 2018

For further questions, and to arrange a site visit, please contact Samantha Griffiths at HSSP Architects Ltd on 01664 563 288 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Tender Specification Documents and Drawings

Contract/Tender Specification Documentation

  1. Form of Tender
  2. Bill of Quantities (Bill of Quantities - Excel Version)
  3. Contract particulars
  4. Preliminaries

Architect’s Specification and Drawings 

  1. 7209 – Drawing Issue Sheet
  2. 7209-01-001P1 – Site Location and Site Block Plan
  3. 7209-05-010T1 – Proposed Site Plan
  4. 2473-01-aA – Topographical Survey
  5. 7209-05-011T1 – Proposed Access and Compound
  6. 7209-05-001T1 – Proposed Elevations and Plans
  7. 7209-05-002T1 – Proposed Sections
  8. 7209-05-003T1 – Proposed Section and Roof Plan
  9. 7209-05-004T1 – Proposed Door and Window Schedule
  10. 7209 – Finishes Schedule Forbo Option Rev A

Engineer’s Specification and Drawings 

  1. CHG - DRG Issue Sheet
  2. E01 - External Lighting
  3. E625-0001T01 – Foundation Layout
  4. E625-0002T01 – Ground Floor Showing Structure Above
  5. E625-0003T01 – Roof Layout

Electrical Specification and Drawings 

  1. AX1725 Electrical Drawing Issue Sheet
  2. Electrical Specification
  3. AX1725-E-01
  4. AX1725-E-02
  5. AX1725-E-03
  6. AX1725-E-04
  7. AX1725-E-05
  8. AX1725-E-06

Mechanical Specification and Drawings 

  1. AX1725 Mechanical Document Issue Sheet
  2. AX1725 Braunstone Pavilion Mechanical Tender Specification
  3. AX1725-M-01a
  4. AX1725-M-02a
  5. AX1725-M-03a
  6. AX1725-M-04A
  7. AX1725-M-05A
  8. AX1725-M-06A

Mechanical & Electrical General

  1. AX1725-ME-01A
  2. AX1725 ME Hazard Assessment
  3. Braunstone Sports Pavilion – Part L 2013-BRUKL

These documents are also available electronically from HSSP Architects Ltd.

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